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219924_1664974947852_1341623579_31486470_4940209_oArtist Name: Chris D.
Song Name: Give Myself Away
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Produced by: WideRage Music STL
CD Name: Focused-Fixed4Worship
CD Release Date: Summer 2011
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An unique blend between hip hop and worship by Chris D.

In a generation where most of our youths turn to gangs so that they can fit in, Christopher Robert Daniels, also known as Chris D. does the complete opposite – he turns to God. Born October 18th 1982 in the ghettos of St. Louis, Missouri, Christopher sought to be different. At the age of 14, he found himself walking towards the altar to render himself useful to the Father up above. Amidst the world around him, sex being the sole purpose of the kids his age, he felt God wanted more from him to reach them. After giving up scholarships, and turning down colleges and performing arts universities, Chris chased after the heart of GOD and joined an international youth ministry in Des Moines, IA. Since then, he has been licensed and ordained to preach and minister the Gospel as he does at every opportunity!

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