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grizzly grayArtist Name: Grizzly
Song Name: Mission Statement
Produced by: LadyB_productions
CD Name: N/A
CD Release Date: N/A

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Born in South east Michigan, Quenton “Grizzly” Chestang-Pittman was raised by his mother, Grandfather and Grandmother in the small city of Inkster. Brought up with solid family values, The Grizz often stayed to himself until the time he entered junior high. Around this time life began to throw curveballs and obstacles his way. Succeeding the death of his Grandparents, times of depression and financial issues weighed heavy on the young Silvertip emcee and his household. Not too crazy about the house of God, Grizzly would rarely make appearances at church, but on one particular Sunday service in April 2005, the life of Quenton Chestang-Pittman a.k.a Grizzly was forever changed. The Pastor of The Community Baptist Church presented the sinners prayer and following the convictions of the Holy Spirit, Grizz would come to receive Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. The rest is history as the Christian rapper went on to graduate high school. Grizzly is furthering his education at Boston Baptist College, fulfilling the calling on his heart and life to become better equipped with the word of God, in hopes of one day Co-starting a church plant and becoming a Preacher.

Hello, my name stage name is Grizzly and I am one half of the up and coming group Pure Music. Mission Statement is dedicated to those who want to know how they fell away from God and how they can get back to him. We pray that those who listen to this Europe meets America sound will forever be impacted.

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