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Free Mp3: MightyMo “It’s Gone”

its goneArtist Name: MightyMo
Song Name: It’s Gone

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Produced by: EmotionL
CD Name: In Tune With The Kingdom
CD Release Date: Feb. 21, 2011
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It’s Gone, the 3rd single off MightyMo’s new album ‘In Tune With The Kingdom’ set to be release Feb. 21, 2011. It’s Gone is said to be the best song off the new album. It’s Gone has been performed and promoted durning MightyMo’s 2010 concerts and events. The song gives you a heavey snapshot about The Messiash coming, reason, and dying. Some have cried, repented, examined themselves, and alot have entered a time of worship when they heard this amazing song. It’s Gone could finally put MightyMo over the edge, but not for himself-but for The Kingdom. If this song doesn’t touch your heart, than maybe your heart is just to hard.

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