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kre8tor_slideArtist Name: Kre8tor
Song Name: My Life

Produced by: Kre8tor
CD Name: Pressure The Soundtrack
Follow Me:!/DoubleEdgeMin

Kre8tor, producer, rapper, film and video director, and Founder of Double Edge Ministries, was born in  Rochester, New York. At the age of 13 he gave his life to Christ and discovered his remarkable gift of music.  But soon, he succumbed to the pressure of the streets. Drugs, gangs, money, women, crime, guns, and  violence took the place of his walk with God. Always streetwise and driven, Kre8tor was hungry for more. So  he headed out of town and found a home in California where he began to make a name for himself, producing for established, as well as up and coming West Coast rappers.

Eventually, Kre8tor was introduced to popular rapper, The Game (formerly of G-Unit), and became the main producer for The Game’s label, “The Black Wallstreet.” That’s when things really kicked into overdrive for Kre8tor, who landed a major publishing deal while creating tracks for The Black Wallstreet.

But, there was a hidden gift inside him that would soon be discovered. Although he was best known as a producer, when executives inside the publishing company heard a track with Kre8tor rapping on it, they secured him an artist/production deal with Virgin Records. But, the deal fell through when the label chose to sign a different artist known as Gorilla Black. In hindsight, Kre8tor sees that God thwarted his plans for his own benefit.

Even still, Kre8tor refused to slow down. Instead, he created a new West Coast label with national distribution through Thump/Universal and began signing artists in the Chicano rap genre. While making music, Kre8tor found himself consumed again by the gang-banging lifestyle, until he began missing his son he had not seen in 6 years. Although the new label executive was experiencing success, he had a deeper desire to be the father he knew he should be. “I believe it was God’s voice calling me back home to get him away from all of the mess I was apart of,” he reflects.

Once Kre8tor left Cali, parting ways with many of his partners in crime, he gave his heart to the Lord. “I feel like God let me go through these things in order for my testimony to touch the hearts and lives of others.” So, Kre8tor shut down his secular label and launched Double Edge Ministries, where he is now creating music for the honor and glory of Christ with the same energy he gave to the world.

In 2008, Kre8tor released his acclaimed album, The Battle, and followed up with a 2009 release, Conviction. Recently, he released the album, Pressure, the soundtrack to the upcoming full-length animated film, was made available to the public.

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