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FINAL-Cover-300x300 Irregular is a 28 year old emcee who dares to be different by pushing the creative boundaries of hip hop. He does so by putting out songs of substance that touch on true to life emotions and travel on a whirlwind from pain to praise. The production he chooses are a melting pot of gritty samples, high energy beats, and the smooth melodic quality sound only live guitar, bass, and drums can give you.
Irregular resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and got his hip hop roots from growing up in Los Angeles during the 90’s gangsta rap era and also from its underground secular scene.

Merely A Glimpse is 3 minutes and 30 seconds of punchlines galor over a show stopping beat. The track comes from Irregular’s new EP Merely A Glimpse. The Merely A Glimpse EP is a mixture of urban and soulful hip hop infused with a lyricists twist over every beat. The album features raw real life topics that few artists dare to talk about in their music by taking an emotional look inside the struggles of family life and drug abuse. It shows how through God’s grace we can overcome any obstacle. It features production from acclaimed producer Vherbal from Anno Domini Records and also incorporates smooth studio quality sounds only live instruments can give you with musician Tommy Cameron on guitar, Duane Murray on bass, and Greg Hall Jr. on drums. This 7 track EP is Merely A Glimpse of things to come


Produced by: Blind Entertainment
CD Name: Merely A Glimpse EP
CD Release Date: 6/30/12
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