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ANewCreatureArtist Name: RifleX
Song Name: A New Creature
Produced by: The Glitch Mob

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CD Name: Believe
CD Release Date: May 5th 2012

Follow Me: @iamRIFLEX

“My life was driven by materialism and the need for approval. At just 18, I was living my dreams. Had respect from my peers, money, local fame and everything that came with it. BUT I was losing the purpose and will to live. The more I had the more I wanted but life was still insignificant and vacant.”

While attending University in Maryland, RifleX was introduced to some genuine Christian folks and invited to a series of Bible studies and Church services. Upon giving his life to Christ and knowing his purpose for life, he has switched to strictly spreading the GOOD news (Jesus the messiah) through his gifts, poetry and Rap music. In his own words, “I aint wasting breathe no more talking death! Talkin’ bout myself, situations, other people and wealth. Now ima speak life, because I speak Christ!

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