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new logoArtist Name: The Collector
Song Name: I Need You

Produced by: Mr.Kooman
CD Name: The Anticipation EP
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The Collector a.k.a Matthew Smith born an raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At a early age he was introduce to all worldly pleasure’s, such as, Anger,Lust, Money and false dreams, and the list goes on. Where he found comfort in friends an ungodly relationship’s. He also Knew and hung around friends that sold drug’s and always thought happiness was found in doing whatever you had to do to make it, but only to find out it was only the works of pride. With Never knowing God and not believing in Jesus, life troubles started to weigh down and personal relationship started crumbling before his eyes. He encountered an experience that took the blind folds off his eyes. He not only found God, but a relationship and who He is through the help of his Bishop. The hobby he used in the world, God turned it for His glory. Matt found devotion in Music, expressing to others what the Lord has done and what He can do for those with his similar backgrounds. Now sold out for Chirst, he is ready to embark on a journey with the Lord to spread the Good News through his music. Going on 4yrs strong he is determine and dedicated to show others if God can do it for Him, he can do it for you.

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