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If I fallArtist Name: E. Daniel
Song Name: If I Fall
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Produced by: Rewind Productions
CD Name: The Breaking Point
CD Release Date: 2011
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“If I Fall” is the first single from E. Daniel` s project, The Breaking Point. Download it free.
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Born in New Jersey and three months later moving to Brazil, Eder dreamed of one day going back to his country of birth. At the age of nine Eder and his family made the journey back to America where they settled in Florida with hopes of a better life. Leading the life of first generation immigrants, his mother and step dad worked odd jobs to make ends meet. From a young age Eder was attracted to what the world portrayed as the “good life”; money, power and fame. By fifteen Eder had two jobs and hustled anything he could on the side. Money was his major driving force. “I remember pulling up to grocery stores with a van full of shoes and clothes and just selling stuff to anyone walking by”. He made it a priority in high school to associate with those following the same route in life as he was determined to be on top.

During this period of his life Eder would often talk to his good friend Feraaz and found that the topic of conversation would many times transition to Feraaz’ relationship with Jesus Christ. Eder was skeptical of religion and even harbored resentment toward Christians but Feraaz was the only Christian he knew that did not judge him. Eder’s life of hustling, club promotion and partying all came crashing down with the news that his step dad was being sent back to Brazil and his mother informed him and his brother that they were moving to Texas. Two days before he left Florida he attended a youth service with open heart for the first time. He remembered the conversations he had with Feraaz and knew that if he continued his life of sin it would only lead to destruction. Eder accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior that night and felt an unmistakable peace in his heart. When arriving in Texas, God immediately spoke to Eder the verse I Chronicles 16:23 “Sing to the Lord, all the earth; proclaim his salvation day after day”.

Eder always had a special love for music but never considered being a musician until God opened his eyes to the impact music was having on youth. Eder followed God’s leading to become a music artist and discovered that he had the talent to write rap and hip-hop songs. He adopted E. Daniel as his professional name and teamed up with his good friend and rap partner Reveille to form the group known as HourSeven2. Reveille being a rapper before he met E. Daniel brought a lot of experience to the table. They spent countless hours both in the Word and making music together.

It was also during this time that E. Daniel met Jaime Gonzalez. Jaime was a local pastor that saw E. Daniel` s potential to impact youth, not only with his music but also as a youth leader. Together they started a youth group named G21 in Farmers Branch, Texas. E. Daniel and Pastor Jaime visited many churches encouraging the youth and presenting them with rap, worship and the Word of God. Today E. Daniel currently attends the University of North Texas where he is majoring in Computer Science and continues as youth pastor of G21.

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Also be sure to visit to watch his new music video. ‘The Name of Jesus” and download the new single ‘If I Fall’ free.

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