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I called for a new start– God heard me
It’s begun– it’s gonna’ be a long journey
Now I got the Word in my palm– so dominant
I stay armed with it in case I want to stop early
I war with the flesh- I don’t hold the peace
With the sword of the Spirit- I hold the piece
On the rock when the waves are approaching
Stay connected with the Master like marriage is supposed to be
No photos please- don’t notice me
It matters where my aim is- not what my name is
I used to brag on my vocab
Now it’s on the Light of the World and there’s no match
He’s the best rapper of all time
Speaking time into existence and He don’t have to rhyme
Do you see the signs?
Take His word from the universe and read between the lines
On fire for the most high- bring sight to these closed eyes
I don’t watch time roll by– no watch
I aint doing any favors
Holding back the truth because I’m afraid to be a hater
If I saw my dudes entangled in danger
Would I am to save? If not then I hate them
Dang things change- it just seems like I’m buggin’ ya’ll
Sooner or later you’ll just find out I’m loving
Give you something you can trust in
Unchangeable- embrace the one who made you to attain the unattainable
Explains the unexplainable- it’s crazy He was slain and rose
Displaying He’s the gracious pro
Drink some living water if you got thirst
No lies- this aint a conned verse
I feel like a star when I converse-
With the one who made all stars like converse
Set free from religion
No need to fit in– I’m feeding on wisdom
I used to smoke weed to the beats in my system
Now I’m set free so I’m beating the system
Planting seeds on a mission
I’ve seen Jesus bring thieves to repentance with ease– no henchman
The “t” on the tree he died stands for “triumph”
Where death took a seat so I stand beside Him
He’s the Author and the head of time
Since I’ve known Him it’s been a ride
In life it might seem like ya’ll are ahead mine
But ya’ll don’t know what goes on in this head of mine
The big picture is what I see– I-max with a wide screen
Read the Scriptures if you’re sick of lies you can try that
Or despise facts– feel bad this is real rap

They say the good die young
May I ask what good is?
As a young’n I was told I’m a good kid
I just must of misunderstood it because
I died at the age of 19
And I was dead to begin with- no paradox if you missed it
I’m pointing to the good of the I AM because there’s no good in what I am
It’s not about the flow or delivery
If you listen focus on the one who delivered me
By becoming a person to crush the serpent
I’m swallowing my pride so many times that my stomach’s hurting
And I’ve come to learn that the true path is better
Saying “God can only judge” is true but His wrath is forever
And every bad act is His absence
And that’s where the track ends


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