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These are the endearing words of hip hop artist Point Ash, written as a “hood love song” to his hometown city of Gary Indiana. Gary is normally thought of as a wasteland, filled with violence, crime and poverty; so Point Ash and his brother The Sir chose not to highlight any of those very real attributes. What Miss Gary Indiana does, is take the listener on a picturesque journey of laid back 70’s funk, blended with soul singers, heavy bass, southern inspired flows and a ready for summertime type of feeling. The purpose of this record is to introduce a beautiful side of Miss Gary and her babies, seldom talked about and rarely seen. This is the home of the King of Pop, This is the Steel City, This is Miss Gary Indiana.

Produced by: Kritikal Diverse
CD Name: Coming Outside
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I’ve heard a few of Point Ash’s songs and continue to enjoy the creativity of his music.  He tends to tell stories and in this particular song, the musicality works with the story – – – reminds me of Outcast just a bit…not in a biting way mind you, just the flow and feel of the musicality.  Moreover, I dig that Point Ash seems free in allowing himself to have some fun with it.  Trig

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