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[free music.]: Rich Angel “Wait”

Rich Angel (born July 14, 1986), is a Trinidad born rapper who cleverly uses his vibrant rhymes and captivating flow to indoctrinate his listeners with the Gospel. Rich Angel is an entertaining performer on stage and is also a proficient teacher of the Word which often gives him the opportunity to speak to various local youth groups.

Many times we think that we’re supposed to go look for that special someone whom we have determined to be our spouse. Then with sincerity, we ask God to bless our decision. We lean on our own understanding unwilling to wait on God because it seems as though He is taking forever. However, the absolute best thing to do is to be totally wrapped up in God and on fulfilling purpose. Leave it up to God to decide when it is not good that you be alone, and He will give you a companion suitable to help you. (Gen 2:18)
Many are not willing to, but I want to encourage you all to WAIT.

Produced by: J Lab Productions
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