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Free Download: Dany Vambili ‘Redemption’ + Devotional

Artist Name: Dany Vambili
Song Name: Redemption
Produced by: Thabo Moopa
CD Name: Redemption
CD Release Date: 27 May 2011

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I had to just write this because sometimes I see people look at me with questions in their eyes. I have seen people feel like I never got a green card from THEM to do what I do. I have seen people who believe they deserve the platform that GOD and ONLY GOD is opening for me. I guess some of those people feel more qualified than I am for ministry. They look at the fact that I messed up and had sex out of wedlock and was bold enough to face it by not making abortion an option in order to hide our sins. I can’t even say I was bold-I wasn’t in fact I was as scared as Hell. It is only God who pulled us through that season in our life and the support of my CLOSE friends, Pastors and DIRECT Family.

First of all I am not writing this to defend my past or endorse my actions in anyway,I WAS WRONG AND WILL NEVER BOAST OR BE PROUD OF MY ACTIONS. If anything I felt so bad that I had completely stopped with ministry, and I DID NOT PLAN TO DO MINISTRY ANYMORE. I remember talking to Da truth(Emanuel L) during this time and for once having someone else relate to feeling like you have just let the world down. I felt like I was guilty for all the blood shed during the holocaust. In other words I knew the depth of my actions, I didn’t need anyone to tell me that and I was ready to shrink in shame and disappear into the nothingness of life.

Why didn’t I completely stop with ministry, music, preaching and carrying the banner of our lord Jesus Christ. Honestly speaking for me it was THE END, I did plan on quitting. I am not like most people who are desperate for ministry(I am not saying that I am better than anyone).I am just saying that for me if God hasn’t called you than there’s no use forcing matters. From day one ministry for me was a calling that was hard to accept, I couldn’t understand why a Holy God would want to work with a former player, abortionist, porn-addict, fornicator like myself who will still struggle in those areas until he completely sets me free. I knew the bible clearly says that there’s a stronger judgement for people in ministry so I didn’t want to be a minister AT ALL.

So when I started to slowly miss the mark, the condemnation I carried on my shoulders was unbearable. The more condemned I felt the more I sinned,because like I said in my last post the ten commandment’s the ministry of condemnation(2 Corn 3:9) doesn’t stop us form sinning,it actually increases sin through condemnation.( Romans 5:20). Yet the bible says that this is for the elevation of grace, where sin increased grace will increase even more.

Shocking Truth
I don’t want anyone saying Dany said,rather says Dany quoted where the bible says…bla bla bla. The shocking truth is I realised during this time in my life that the things I thought will keep me out of sin was actually the things the bible says will increase sin in my life. I don’t blame our Pastors for teaching what they learnt in bible school,I blame us for not going back home and checking what was being said in it’s right context.
I myself am even guilty of teaching the same things, we all probably are so lets not point fingers and miss the the point. This truth was so shocking to me that I submitted to God for the building of new foundation in my life, I had to understand what the gospel really was. Why is it called the good news? Why is there an old and new covenant? Why is it that no matter how much we do nothing makes us feel good enough?

I took months sitting at home,not working because God told me not too. He even told my counsellor the same thing, I didn’t catch the concept at first but I am glad I listened. It was a time of learning this Gospel of Thee Christ and rebuilding my foundations. I went through hours of counselling and also an in-depth understand of grace. Look folks I know you think grace is the new cover up for people who sin-I thank God that I can’t base my life on what you think but on his word. According to his word grace is the reason we overcome sin and the law is the reason we are ruled by sin(So please get your opinions in line with the word). You probably want a scripture for that “New International Version, For sin shall not be your master, because you are not under law, but under grace.”Romans 6:14. So in other words sin shall be your master when you under the law and not under Grace. What does this mean friends, it means we need to learn to get under grace and start winning in this holy war. Why is grace the solution? Grace is the solution because grace is Jesus Christ the person of God through whom grace came to the world.(John 1:17).

Why didn’t I wait for human approval?
Friends this is such an easy yet complex answer. The simplicity of the gospel can almost make it loose meaning because we wait on this DEEP revelation while God has chosen to simplify it for us. Friends the cross is not a chain that we wear as jewellery,it’s the REALITY of our situation. You can play church all your life my friend, grow up on bible stories, go to a church where they play Hillsongs- the truth is the deepest thing you’ll ever find in your bible is JESUS CHRIST BEING PUNISHED FOR YOUR SINS IN ORDER FOR GOD TO START A NEW COVENANT WITH YOU.

There’s no two ways about it,it is either you fully qualify by Grace through Christ or you are not a child of God at all.
If God says Christ died once and for all for sins (Past, future, present)than how can you go around still feeling guilty or waiting on opinions?

Are we believing in the word of God or are we adding our own standards? If God found the MURDER of his son enough to pay for my forgiveness- should I believe God or not? Is Christianity an emotional game that is based on feelings or is it based on truth? Must I wake up and if I feel good than I believe God and if I don’t feel good than I am waiting on God?
Or should I wait till people think good of me???

In my journey of Redemption I submitted at the church where I was in fellowship till my leadership felt I could continue with ministry. Yet more than my leadership I needed the Lord to speak to me directly and when he did I put my shame behind me and carried my cross. Heb 12:1-24. I don’t plan on putting my cross down and I know now that only Christ can help me carry it to the end. I am not perfect and will never be, and in all honesty I know that if I don’t give God the wheel I still have it in me to do worst things. My only commitment to God and my family is that I will learn to let God carry me even more. Even as I struggle in other areas in my life I will allow the Holy spirit to be my teacher as I further continue with my journey. I thank God for using me more now than he did before, and for not giving up on me even when I gave up on myself.

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