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CD101Artist Name: J Contender
Song Name: Worthless ft. Delicia
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CD Name: Worthless
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For the song: This is the title track, featuring Delicia and is based on Philippians 3:7-8, where Paul takes a survey of his accomplishments and achievements and states compared to Christ everything he gained is garbage or worthless.

For the album: Just like Paul taking a survey of his life and accomplishments and seeing how they pail in comparison to knowing Christ, this album hopes to encourage the listener to take an examination of their life and whatever they count as significant or gain. If we would take what we value most or what society places a high value on and compare them to the glorious, resurrected Christ, we would find that Jesus alone and the joy of being in relationship with Him is more precious and valuable than anything this world could offer. Everything else in comparison is Worthless!

Artists on this album: Dillon Chase, Hoszia Hinds, LOUDtheMC, Da PaperBoy, Yung Rick, B Holy, Trust, Norris J, LaToria, Crosseyed, Todd Bridges, Delicia Cabral, Crystal Webb, Rell, Amber Rowland, GF Soldier and Ignite Student Ministries

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