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Artist name: Christ Souljah
Mixtape title:
Future is Present

Christ Souljah is a rapper/songwriter from Red Deer Canada. He began rapping at the age of 14 and released his first mixtape “Lavish Spender” that same year under the alias Krushall. At age 16 he got saved, began making gospel music, and changed his name to Christ Souljah. Since then he has been working on his mixtape Future is Present, as well as other projects.

While many rappers and artists in general seem to stick to one particular style, Christ Souljah implements many different styles into his music. His goal is to be known for originality and creativity. He has done club/party songs, r&b, hardcore rap, and old school, as well as combining various genres of music with rap such as pop, electronica, and rock. He not only seeks versatility through combining various genres with rap but he also seeks it within rapping itself, as he raps slow, fast, and harmonizes.

Originality and creativity are not Christ Souljah’s only goals with music however. His main goal is to show the world and those in the faith the gospel. To get people to read the Word and to learn to walk in it is his biggest goal with music and life in general. Though he does not mention Jesus or the bible directly in every song, his music always represents the life that he lives in Christ and the lifestyle of a believer. No matter the genre, Christ Souljah will be representing the King and will be an example of living the life of a believer through his music.

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