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Artist Name: d.j.
Mixtape Title: The Response

In his latest FREE MIXTAPE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD – “theRESPONSE” (released 5/21/2010) d.J. is dealing with two aspects specifically: responding to the sinfulness promoted by popular mainstream hip hop songs by “remixing” these songs into Christ-centered versions, and secondly asking listeners the question: how will you respond to Jesus Christ since He alone is the Way to God the Father in Heaven and He is calling you to repentance? With highly popular beats like Young Money’s “Bedrock”, Jay-Z’s “On to the Next One”, T.i.’s “I’m Back”, and many others, it is d.J.’s hope that non-christians will hear his unofficial remixes of these songs and fall in love with Christ and accept the Gospel, and that Christians (the Body) would be encouraged and challenged in the Faith.

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