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Analytics seeks to focus our attention on specific elements that are important to the crisis of mankind. This is my attempt at a type of lyrical research project, in and of itself, that analyzes the data of the sin nature and the God that made us, in order to track our efforts and highlight what His word says or doesn’t say about how we live and move. I have broken the content of the project into 9 chapters, so that one may take the time and digest the fruit of each verse. While there is no arbitrary line within this précis, each song is not intended to be an inductive study of biblical knowledge, but a biblically based colloquial and even anecdotal account of ideas that I believe can aid a person in everyday living and that will point them to truths about Jesus. For my ideas of basic foundational thought, please refer to my previous album, “REP” and also look forward to my “PRESENT” project, also forthcoming. Lastly, I encourage those who listen to this project to ask questions, to take your time and soak the concepts. Each chapter will be released on a monthly basis, so that you can have time to think and to analyze. My hope is that you are encouraged by Analytics and see God as Glorious. God Bless and as always…Soli Deo Gloria!



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