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Artist: L.O.S.
Album: The Legion Mixtape

The LEGION MIXTAPE is a perfect mix of holy hip hop and street needed music. It provides a different listen then the norm in HHH. LEGION OF SOULS provides creativity at its finest. Their rhymes are filled with just enough punchlines to satisfy the rap crowd, more than enough melodic hooks to keep a general hip hop head happy, but nonetheless it provides WORD. From subjects that this generation is dealing with, LOS digs deep into this worlds trials and tribulations and fills it with words of hope, happiness and faith. With songs like ” LET IT GO” which speak on relationships, to “we hungry” in which it confronts sin face to face. To songs such as ” SO MUCH BETTER”, “WE MADE IT” “MY ANTHEM” which describe how great a GOD we serve. But also songs like “journey” which speak on taking a trip w GOD thru heaven, make this cd a must have. Songs that shouldn’t be missed are “mercy reign” and lost in you which speak directly to GOD. The LEGION is HHH in new form and fashion. With enough to satisfy everybody this mixtape should not be overlooked. Its its its THE LEGION!!!!

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