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[free.] MonoCcord — ‘Let’s Talk About It’ Hosted by DJ I Rock Jesus | @monoccord412 @kryse31 @djirockjesus

Published on December 8, 2012

Transparent, creative, and unique would be three words to describe MonoCcord. They have an important message with an urban appeal that is desperately needed in our communities. No matter your background, there is something that brings us all together as people; that is music.

 When you combine great sound of an instrumental and lyrics that are relevant for our time, that song becomes more than a mp3 or rap. It becomes an instrument that can help change someone’s life. The desire of this group is to be a vessel that delivers hope to a desperate world.

MonoCcord means “ONE ACCORD”. As a married couple it is important for them to maintain a healthy marriage and a group. They can only move forward in their life and music with their priorities in order. Being an example of the words they speak of on a daily basis.

On- stage they have a unique chemistry. They share their love and relationship with the world. They are captivating individually but together they are a powerhouse.



Author: JD

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