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push-mix-tapeArtist Name: J.R.E.A.M.
CD Name: P.U.S.H. the Mixtape
Produced by: Covenant
CD Release Date: 9/1/2011

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Location: Rochester, NY
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P.U.S.H. the Mixtape is written and performed by The artist J.R.E.A.M. which is pronounced dream. The acronym stands for Jesus Rules Everything Around Me. J.R.E.A.M. born Anthony Grissett, Feb 2nd, 1986 in Newark, NJ, lived the street life. With close calls, and selling bags on the block he made himself a name in the streets. While this was going on he was also pursuing a career in Hip Hop. Using the name Buggy back in the mid 2000’s he was making noise in Newark, as a mixtape rapper. Working with Heavy-Hitters from Def Jam, and even receiving a beat from Kanye West. However, Anthony felt something in his life was missing. After the birth of his first son Anthony Jr. he realized he needed to get his life right with the Lord. He married the mother of his son, and now as 3 more kids. Anthony and his wife Keisha and their children live in Rochester, NY. Anthony met producer Jonathan David Ohrenstein a.k.a. Covenant at a local church. The two of them started a movement called Street Runner. Covenant is Anthony’s main producer behind most of the songs on the P.U.S.H. mixtape.

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