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Street-Soundz-Chapter-1NE-Throwback-MixtapeArtist Name: Tha L.O.S.S.T. F.A.C.T.O.R.
CD Name: Street Soundz Chapter 1ne
Produced by: hosted and produced by NonFiction beat courtesy of the music industry

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CD Release Date: 1st Jan 2012
Record Label: Warriors For Christ Entertainment/ iWitness Music Group
Location: Elkhart, IN

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Warriors For Christ Entertainment Presents: THA L.O.S.S.T. F.A.C.T.O.R.

If you hunger and thirst for some true Hip-Hop without the corporate hype, then Tha LOSST FACTOR is for you. Together this crew blazes the underground with hot lyrics and true ministry. They don’t make them like this anymore. Check it.

Tha L.O.S.S.T. F.A.C.T.O.R. stands for Tha Life of Saving Souls Together for All Creation To Overcome Rage. What rage? The rage that is ripping through the world and destroying everything it touches. This crew has come not to change the game but to introduce something new: STYLE.


Once known to the world as the brutal battle group, Tha Hartless Hustlas’, this crew enjoyed underground fame and shared the stage with the likes of Wu Tang, KRS-One, and many other hardcore rap legends. At one point, the group discussed deals with MCA and MeccaDon, along with a host of smaller labels, but the group began to fall apart due to numerous problems, which we now know were just caused by one thing: SIN.

Just as the phoenix rises out of the ashes, after Tha Hartless Hustlas’ ended, three of the former members of this group rose up in the Lord and were commissioned by the Holy Spirit to come together again as Tha L.O.S.S.T. F.A.C.T.O.R. Formerly known as C-Nile, Non-Fiction produces ground-breaking tracks with a soulful signature all his own. Mr. Sandman, a fierce battle lyricist, became G.R.A.F.I.C., God’s Readily Active Follower Inspiring Christians and now, instead of battling other emcees, battles the forces of darkness with his razor-sharp wordplay. J.T. transformed into 10-20 tHA b-BOY aPOSTLe and labors to build disciples through his God-inspired lyrics and life experiences.

These days the crews has matured and are moving in the power of God.

G.R.A.F.I.C., is the Pastor of a church in Elkhart, IN which is called, Ol’Rugged Fellowship Church. He is also the President of Ol’ Rugged Records which is based in Elkhart as well.
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Non Fiction, is now the President and CEO of iWitness Music Group as well as Owner of Touch X-Treme Graifix.
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10-20 tHa b-BOY APOSTLe, is the General Manager of Fusion Radio which is the only FM radio station that is exclusively holy hip-hop. He is also the President of a non-profit called Back2School Elkhart.

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President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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