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coverArtist Name: A-FLO
CD Name: R.hymes A.nd W.isdom
Produced by: Wit of I Qwit Music

CD Release Date: 10/25/2011
Record Label: HZ Records
Location: Tampa, FL

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Bio: Adam “A-FLO” Flores was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. He began rapping at the age of 8, with his mother’s gospel contemporary group. From then on, he began to grow spiritually and lyrically. At age 13, he and his family moved to Tampa, Florida. He started off in a group called “FoCuSeD” with his sister “Kelly Kelz” and a few other friends. As time went on, the Lord called them each to their own direction of ministry. For the past 4 years, A-FLO has been a solo artist and has continued to glorify God on the mic all the way until present day.

Track Listing:
1) It’s Time (Intro)
2) Eyes of a Rookie
3) What’s Your Name? (Featuring Dre Murray)
4) Say Something
5) Don’t Turn Around
6) Live or Evil
7) Weekend Stories
8) You Ain’t Foolin’ Me
9) When I Come Home
10) Sly Fox
11) You’ll See Why
12) On My Mind (Featuring Urban D.)
13) Lyrical Assassination

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