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TheRealWordCoverArtist Name: Lil Prophet
CD Name: The Real Word
Produced by: Ryan Kelsie
CD Release Date: 11/1/11

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Record Label: Real Word Records
Location: Tampa, FL

Follow Me: @LilProphet @RealWordRecords

“There is a lot of negative publicity concerning Hip Hop these days. It seems as if every week for the last few years, hip hop artists have made headlines due to troubles with the law, warranted or unwarranted. In addition, many of these artists, who enjoy levels of money, fame, and companionship most people crave, constantly associate themselves with the world of drugs, guns, violence and misogyny.

Whether the images that most popular hip-hop artists portray are real or made for TV, most will never know. However, for those who love the music but could do without the negative lyrics and lifestyles that are usually associated with the art form, the question arises: Is there room for positive/conscious listeners in hip-hop?

It is easy to write or comment about the negative aspects of hip-hop music because controversy and infamy has proven to be a hot seller in this society. But, hip-hop artists who rap positively or about political, social, Christian or economic empowerment receive scant attention.”

So with that said I want to introduce you to the Real Word family!

This project was created to reach the masses and most important the unsaved souls. All the artists you hear have been or are attending Bible College to further their knowledge in the Lord and want to encourage you with their personal experiences and thoughts through Christ.

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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