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SonRize is a group currently comprised of two young men who are on fire for Jesus Christ. They are C-LOS and Echo 2. Together they are the co-founders of SonRize Productions. Ready to make an impact in Japan, they are convicted to use their musical talents to exalt their Savior as they reach the youth with their message of hope and salvation in Jesus Christ. Though they are fairly new recording artists, their lyrics will grab your heart as you can’t help but bob your head to the beat. If you are looking for good music, no matter the genre, tune in, and get ready to be encourage, strengthened, and challenged to live a life worth living!

SonRize Productions, our mission is for the Son(Jesus Christ) to rise and to be risen is every person’s heart. The name “SonRize” is multi-faceted, our goal is to see the Son rise; in other words to be exalted and glorified. And a result of that, our desire is to see peace, freedom, and life; everything God promises in His word to manifest. Using music as a tool for the Lord, we expext to touch hearts of the unbeliever, encourage and challenge the believer, and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who died and rose for our sins that we may become the righteousness of God (2 Corinthians 5:21).

SonRize collectively have had the opportunity to minister around the world in places ranging from India, Singapore, USA, to the duo’s birthplace of Okinawa, Japan. There were recently featured of Holy Culture’s “Drop CD” project with their single, “Show n’ Tell”, from their upcoming self-entitled debut. They were also blessed to produce the intro for the “Drop CD” as well as radio advertisement, a promo video and real street evangelism involving the Drop CD. The mixtape not only has rapping in English, but Japanese as well. This is sure to target two different cultures.

Artist Name: 
Produced by: Carlos “C-LOS” Williams
CD Name: SonRize: The Mixtape Vol. 1
CD Release Date: April 20, 2012
Record Label: SonRize Productions
Location: Okinawa, Japan
Follow Me:!/Sonrizepro

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