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GEDC0154-1-1-1Artist Name: Epix
CD Name: “Sounds On”
Produced by: Various artist’s
CD Release Date: 9/17/11
Record Label: unsigned/indie
Location: Glendale, Az
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1. So Off – Epix, beat by Rinzai
2. Sounds On – Epix, beat by DJ Coutz
3. Get Back Up – Epix, beat by Relic
4. Ironic – Epix, beat by Unknown(thats the guys name)
5. You Know – Epix, beat by DJ Coutz
6. Its Over – beat by Epix
7. Flow Setta – Epix, beat by Rinzai

Just another project I finished. 4 differn’t producer’s, all original beats! (these have not been heard mainstream). This right here revolves around the idea of me starting to rap and where I was mentally in the midst that.. God is awsome! There is a lot that he’s brought me from so I touch on some of that and some other things too. Also, I started working on an official Epix album, I will be uploading a single off of that onto holyculture soon. Straight up, I think this website is dope! Thats right I said dope, wanna know why? Cuz its gots the most high haha yeeuh! Ok ok anyway, hope ya’ll enjoy this, be blessed and I’m gone! Till next time…

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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