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coverArtist Name: Through Hymn
CD Name: On Word and Sacrament
CD Release Date: 08/30/2011
Record Label: N/A (Indepedent)

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Location: Orlando, FL
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Ronald Johnson, also known as Through Hymn is a servant of Jesus Christ and Christian rapper from Orlando, FL. He seeks to glorify God, spread the Gospel and edify the Church through Christ-exalting lyricism. Several of his musical influences are shai linne, Evangel, Stephen the Levite, Timothy Brindle and Will Passion. He is especially known for what he calls “lyrical historical theology” in which he not only explains what Scripture teaches about a particular doctrine but also how it has developed throughout the history of the Christian Church. “On Word and Sacrament” is his first project released in (Aug 2011) which explains the importance of the preached Word, particularly the Gospel (its misconceptions) and the significance of the proper administration of the sacraments for the edification of the Church.

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