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LYNX=200Artist Name: Lynx (Christ Music)
Song Title: Switching Lanes
Audio Leak

Label: HOLY-wood Records Affiliate
Release Date: “From Da Rock 2 Da Block” October 9, 2009
Brief Summary: From the Rock 2 Da Block is a cd geared towards persons from all walks of life. The cd gives the listener the stern adivce that as a Christian we can have anything we too desire as the world does… if we only Delight Ourself in him King Jesus..but not forgetting to give God all the credit for giving you these things!  Lynx also wants you to know through this cd From The Rock 2 Da Block, he embraces the Dope Dealer, The drug addict, the homeless, the abused, the abuser and the young lady that sells herself short for love…From the Rock 2 Da Block, has hard hitting bass lines, crazy lyrics, Centered on the word of God…served on a platinum platter for you to enjoy…

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