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Chaos_Theory=200Artist Name: The Chaos Theory (Sand Mclain and Fly Hines)
Song Title: “High Road”
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Album Title: Circus Pandemonium
Release Date: Out Now
Brief Summary:  Chaos Theory by definition is the seemingly random disorder producing one desired effect. Or, what you’d get when you combine two MCs from the East (Sand Mclain)and West Coast (Fly Hines), speaking with the same message: A love of God. This ministry was formed out of humility and meekness of heart, as well as a genuine love and respect of Rap as an art form and “voice” for the people. What you hear from “Circus Pandemonium” is a tribute to God’s love for his creation (US). Listen to some of our life experiences before and after finding Christ and you’ll find that they are still works-in-progress, but they walk with a purpose. In an era of disposable music, where ignorance is bought and sold blissfully, the lyrics and soulful sounds from Chaos Theory will help inject truth in a society of lies.

They are on the frontlines as representatives of Hip Hop, holding up the blood-stained banner in HIS name. There’s a war going on and it’s right at our door. Let’s strike first. Are you ready?”


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