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HOT or NOT?  If you DIG its yours FREE!

On June 6th, 1944, The United States of America and it’s allies displayed force and determination by lauching Operation Neptune and Operation Overlord.  These were the code names for the Allied invasion of Normady.  The day of this occurance is and will be forever remembered as ‘D-day.’  It was the day when Allies acted on their frustration with the evil Nazi regime and took them head on during landings on Normandy beaches.
Now, 65 years later, another Alliance has decided act on their frustration with a different evil regime! The Incorruptible Alliance has decided to mobilize and take part in the greatest war mankind has ever experienced… the war for souls!  June 6th, 2009 is Spiritual D-Day, as The Incorruptible Alliance makes their presence in The War known with their e.p. [INCORRUPTIBLE].  In anticipation of the drop, they’ve decided to give away a free download from the album.  Download ‘DECADENCE’ now and do YOUR part in the WAR!

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