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G-Notes on the next CLE Radio Show April 15th!!

cleradio-200-christianraphiphopradioshowYo Bright Lights are in the building. My man G-notes comes in to talk to us about the new album and other things that he has been up to. I am going to ask him the deadly question..will we be hearing another Air Jordan Remix? Yo I hate to say it but some of these remixes are a little too out there for me fam o! Still the song is hot..sorry didn’t mean to move to K-Drama. Maybe G-notes can do a Miami Dade on em…LOL..maybe not (bad idea).

I have the album, yes I bought it, It is well worth it. The album is great and I think it has all the potential in the world.  You can get it right now on for just 7.99!!! Make sure you listen to the show to hear the inside info on how the album was put together and why. I think one of the really interesting things about the album is G-notes approach to the hood. I can tell he has a heard for it. I really think that is important. He also seems to reach out to current Christians as well…I want to hear Stunna Shade remixes..that would be tight..but it may take a while.

Finally I think the allure of the city life is defenitly a topic of discussion. So many teens and young adults (like myself!) get caught up in the fast life of sex, money and drugs. I think this album is a good look for the youth of our wolrd. So be prepared to get it you know DJ Eklectic is in the building as well…

P.S. In case you didn’t know C.L.E Released Andale’s new album White Flag! It is an early release..this means you can only get it at or It is on sale for 8.99 until May1st..then it goes to 9.99..the official price. Makes sure you get it asap!! It is worth it. Well I’m going to leave you with the Daily word peep this out…

Matthew 18:4
“Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.”
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