Gaslighting: The Psychological Manipulation That Destroys Lives and Mr. Kelly Cole on Parenthood.

A Deep Dive into Transformation Church’s Easter Performance and More: A Podcast Recap

As the host of Da Fixx Morning Radio Show on Holy Culture Radio, I recently had the pleasure of discussing a variety of topics with my co-host, Dice Gamble. From the Easter performance at Transformation Church by Pastor Mike Todd to the concept of gaslighting, we covered a lot of ground. Here’s a recap of our enlightening conversation.

Transformation Church’s Easter Performance: A Grammy-Worthy Show

The Easter performance at Transformation Church, led by Pastor Mike Todd, was a spectacle to behold. The production quality was top-notch, and the talent of the performance team was undeniable. Some people even compared the performance to the Grammys, a testament to the high standard of the show.

Despite only seeing clips of the performance initially, I was grateful to finally find the full video. I encourage everyone to watch the full video before forming their opinions. It’s unfortunate that people tend to focus on the negative aspects of great things, rather than acknowledging the hard work and dedication of the performers.

The Controversial Spitting Illustration

We also touched on the controversial spitting illustration done by Pastor Mike Todd in the past. While it was a reality check because people spat on Christ, we both agreed that we wouldn’t personally reenact it. However, we acknowledged that there is a deeper thought behind it.

Upcoming Segment: Spiritual Detox with Mr. Kelly Cole

In our upcoming segment, we’re excited to feature Mr. Kelly Cole, the father of Aaron Cole, who has a book called “Raising Aaron Cole.” Now available. We’re looking forward to discussing the inspiration behind the book and why he chose to write it now.

Real Talk: Gaslighting

We also plan to have a real talk conversation about gaslighting, a topic I admit I don’t know much about and am looking forward to learning more. Gaslighting is a form of manipulation and control, where someone uses psychological tactics to make another person question their sanity or reality. It’s a prevalent issue in various settings, including relationships, workplaces, and even within ministries.

Music to Look Forward To

We teased the music that will be played on the show, including songs from One K Few, Hovey and Force Frank, Erica Campbell, and Jordan Armstrong. We’re ready to turn up the energy and keep Jesus Christ at the center of the message.

The Significance of Aaron Cole’s Journey

We discussed the significance of Aaron Cole’s journey, emphasizing the struggles he had to overcome. I shared a personal story about a revelation from God about a girlfriend that was sent to destroy Aaron. Despite my warning, Aaron didn’t listen, and it almost ended our working relationship. This incident highlighted the importance of spiritual warfare and submitting to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

The Importance of a Protective Household

We also discussed the importance of having a protective household and a strong father figure. Mr. Kelly Cole’s involvement in his children’s lives and his dedication to being a present and supportive father is truly admirable.

Gaslighting in Relationships and Christianity

We delved deeper into the topic of gaslighting, discussing how it can be harmful to individuals and the importance of recognizing and addressing it. We emphasized the need for healing and counseling for those who have been abused and encouraged listeners to speak up and share their message or testimony, regardless of their experience or qualifications.

Upcoming Events

Finally, we discuss events, including the 2nd Annual Generational Live Women’s Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, hosted by the legendary CeCe Winans. We encouraged listeners to support each other’s brands and come together as a community. To learn more about CeCe’s conference and ministry, visit her website.

In conclusion, this episode was filled with insightful discussions and exciting announcements. We hope you find it as enlightening as we did, and we look forward to bringing you more engaging content in the future. Remember you can catch this wave weekdays at 6 am est. on Holy Culture Radio Sirius XM, Channel 154!

Gaslighting: The Psychological Manipulation That Destroys Lives and Mr. Kelly Cole on Parenthood.
Mr. Kelly Coles’ book, Raising Aaron Cole

Timecode References:

The Easter Performance [00:00:58] Discussion about the Easter performance at Transformation Church by Pastor Mike Todd and the impressive production and singing.

Comparisons to the Grammys [00:02:00] Comparison of the performance at Transformation Church to the Grammy Awards and the opinions of various individuals.

Negative Reactions and Support [00:04:53] Discussion about the negative reactions to the performance and the need for support and appreciation for the effort put into it.

The spiritual detox featuring Mr. Kelly Cole [00:11:28] Discussion about Mr. Kelly Cole’s book “Raising Aaron Cole” and the inspiration behind it.

The lack of recognition for Aaron Cole’s talent [00:12:58] Discussion about the lack of respect and recognition for Aaron Cole’s contributions to Christian hip hop.

Aaron Cole’s extensive music catalog [00:16:36] Discussion about Aaron Cole’s prolific songwriting and the large number of unreleased songs in his catalog.

The special journey [00:19:27] Discussion about the special journey of Aaron Cole, from starting at a young age to his current success.

Confirmation from God [00:23:07] A personal story about receiving confirmation from God through a chance encounter with Chris Gardner, the inspiration for the movie “Pursuit of Happiness.”

A daughter’s success story [00:29:04] Mr. Kelly Cole shares the story of his daughter writing a book called “So You’re Living for Christ in High School” at the age of 16.

The importance of being a protective father [00:30:14] Mr. Kelly Cole discusses how he protects his daughter by meeting her potential suitors and giving them a stern warning about treating her right.

The power of God’s favor in raising Aaron Cole [00:34:43] Mr. Kelly Cole emphasizes that while he can provide a formula for success in raising his son Aaron Cole, the true differentiating factor is God’s favor.

The topic of gaslighting [00:39:18] Gaslighting is discussed, explaining what it means and how it is a form of manipulation.

Using gaslighting in a positive way [00:40:23] Discussion on how gaslighting can be used in a positive way, such as in sports, to encourage someone to be more aggressive.

Gaslighting in relationships and society [00:46:39] The conversation expands to discuss how gaslighting occurs in abusive relationships, as well as in business, schools, and even on a national level, such as in politics and online discussions.

The serpent’s deception [00:48:45] Discussion on how the serpent deceived Eve into eating the forbidden fruit and the consequences of sin.

Gaslighting and manipulation [00:49:28] Exploration of gaslighting as a form of control and manipulation in relationships, with examples and signs of gaslighting behavior.

Accountability and treating others with respect [00:54:16] Discussion on the importance of treating others with honor and love, and the need for believers to hold each other accountable and help those who are struggling.

The Gaslighting Phenomenon [00:57:35] Discussion on gaslighting in relationships, manipulation, and the effects it has on people.

Gaslighting in Ministry [00:59:32] Exploration of gaslighting in the context of ministry, dealing with narcissistic individuals, and the importance of seeking counseling.

Overcoming Gaslighting in Christianity [01:02:15] Encouragement to share one’s message or testimony without being discouraged by seasoned Christians who try to disqualify or silence them.

The Women’s Conference [01:08:40] Promotion of Cece Winans’ second generational live women’s conference in Nashville, featuring speakers, artists, and performers.

Cece Winans’ Achievements [01:09:33] Highlighting Cece Winans’ iconic and legendary status in gospel music, including her Grammy awards and nominations.

Details of the Women’s Conference [01:10:38] Information about the location, virtual and in-person ticket options, and the lineup of speakers and performers at the women’s conference.