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This week on the Nifty Christian Radio Show Nifty and Kay C have an in depth discussion about single successful women who wish to have babies…without the man.

* Should single women use fertility clinics to have children if they can’t find a husband?

* What about adoption?

* Nifty & Kay C get it in

* Nifty interviews D.E.V.A. Inc.

The More-Talk Hour

Tyshan Knight – Owe it All
Nifty & Kay C Welcome and introduce topic of the week
Willie Will – Let it Go
Big Al – Rest of My Days
Nifty & Kay C discuss the social/spiritual implications of in-vitro fertilization
Richie Righteous – Patiently Waiting
Viktory – What it Look Like
Nifty & Kay C discuss social/spiritual implications of adoption
Die-Rek – Word

The More-Music Hour

Canton Jones – What You Want
E-Tizz – Slave
Lecrae – Change
Mark J – Dating or Married
Nifty interviews D.E.V.A. Inc.
Detrick Hadden – Love Him Like I Do
Nifty interviews D.E.V.A. Inc pt. 2
Shai Linne – Triune Praise
JusThoughz – What Else
Fresh I.E. – Move Back
J Meirderos – Left Me
Peculiar – Just If Eyed
Faithful – Purpose
Nifty & Kay C say goodnight

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