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Giano is set to release his third full length studio album entitled, B-Sides and Remixes, Volume 2, on April 3, 2012. Part concept album, B-Sides 2 loosely explores the allusions of the James Joyce classic, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, which has underlying themes of human self-awareness, the quest for autonomy, and enlightenment. Part testimonial, Giano delves into personal experiences as they relate to the album’s themes, ultimately leading to introspection.

B-Sides 2 features eclectic production from various producers and composers from around the world including Symbolyc One (S1), Sinuous, Mr. Capozio, MAJOR, Martinson, Giano, and more. The album features guest appearances by Sivion, BenEvol (formerly J. Griff), and Eric Cross. The album’s lead single is “Prélude to a Love Song” (featuring Lyle Simpson, Gayla Robinson, and Sinuous).

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