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godgiven-xxl-200-christianraphiphopnewsGod Given has just made it to the pages of the June XXL magazine, with their “Jesus peace” shirt, which was rank in the #2 spot of the Cool Freestyle section on page 92.  These are the designers how are also responsible for designing some of Holy Hip Hop’s major players albums.  Some of which you may have supported already like R.I.C.H by Richie Righteous, The next big thing by Lavoisier, Transparent by C.H.R.I.S, Life Support by Richard Dauphin and Dunimis self titled gospel reggae album and that is just to name a few.  In addition to making it to the pages of XXL they have also had full pages in the last two issues of the Tha Message magazine.

Mixing fashion and faith the designers Robert and Gerald Yarborough blood brothers and brothers in the faith have been spreading the gospel for the past seven years with God Given.  They have been moving from venue to venue then transitioning into fashion show.  Where there is a fashion runway alter call asking for someone to become a model for God.  God Given is definitely an innovative company with one purpose in mind and that is to spread the gospel by any means necessary.  You can check them out at show your support and help them to continue to put out quality products with integrity.

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