GodChaserz Documentary

Published on March 20, 2023

GodChaserz Entertainment is set to release a documentary film, “GodChaserz The Documentary,” this spring on multiple streaming platforms. The film is an inspiring account of how the independent record label came to be, and the journey of award-winning hip-hop artist Brinson, who founded the label.


The documentary features performances, music videos, interviews with artists, and feedback from industry insiders, providing audiences with a fast-paced mosaic that showcases the passion behind their unapologetically God-powered music. GodChaserz The Documentary offers an inside look at how Brinson and his labelmates ReadyWriter, Cstraight, Oatmeal, and Nazarite combined forces to change the lives of their listeners, injecting their music with their faith.

The film traces back to Brinson’s youth, providing glimpses into the serendipitous moments that kept nudging him toward his true calling. The documentary was initially intended to be a social media short celebrating GodChaserz Entertainment’s 15-year anniversary, but due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the filmmakers decided to create a more in-depth, visual narrative documenting the label’s history.

“I virtually connected with co-director (and longtime collaborator) Will Thomas to dream
up what it would take to produce a more in-depth, visual narrative that would document
this history,” Brinson said.

The documentary is a culmination of over 35 hours of interviews with GodChaserz artists, hip-hop music fans, and genre gatekeepers like DJ Wade-O, Marcus Hall, and James “Trig” Rosseau, Sr., among many others. The film has already been honored with 64 film festival awards, which Brinson sees as validating what he and other Christian rap artists already know: that there’s a market for music that transforms souls.

“One story of faith led to another, with all pointing back to the ultimate redemptive work
of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit,” Brinson said.

The film highlights Brinson’s lyrics from his song “Don’t Rap No More,” which perfectly encapsulate the message behind the documentary: “If you ain’t tryin’ to win souls, put that mic down. Don’t rap no more!” GodChaserz The Documentary is a must-watch for anyone looking for an inspirational story about the transformative power of faith-based rap.