Brian Nathan: The Gospel Music Maestro Making Big Waves in the Industry

On this episode of Da Fixx, we have a special guest, Brian Nathan, a multi-talented gospel music artist, producer, composer, and director, joining us for a spiritual detox segment.

Introducing Brian Nathan: A Man of Faith and Talent

Brian Nathan is not just an artist; he’s a man who has been making a lot of noise in the world. His faith journey began in a family where faith was an integral part of their lives. His parents modeled a strong walk with Christ, which significantly impacted him. As he moved to Nashville, he had to dive deeper into his relationship with the Lord, striving to exemplify his faith in all aspects of his life, including his work with clients and artists.

A Glimpse into Brian’s Personal Life

Brian has a twin sister, and interestingly, his mom also has an identical twin. He shared the separation issues he felt when he moved away from his twin sister for the first time. We also got to know about Brian’s wife, a supermodel, and we congratulate him on their upcoming two-year anniversary.

Brian Nathan: A Man of God and the Head of His Household

Brian reflects on the responsibility and changes he has experienced as a man of God and the head of his household. Being married has revealed a lot about himself and required him to put his pride aside. He expresses gratitude for his wife, an amazing woman who constantly prays and shows grace. Brian acknowledges that he cannot lead his family on his own and emphasizes the importance of relying on God’s guidance.

The Musical Journey of Brian Nathan

Brian discovered his talent for singing in high school, thanks to his choir teacher, Miss Mana Ross. He started playing the piano and composing songs, which brought joy to people and made him feel fulfilled. He even started shooting music videos and selling them in high school. Brian credits his music teachers for inspiring him and teaching him how to communicate, love, and teach others through music.

Brian Nathan: A Pillar of the Gospel Industry

Brian is a renowned songwriter, speaker, author, and conductor, having worked with artists like Yolanda Adams, Tremaine Hawkins, and Albertina Walker. His talent and contributions make him a pillar of the gospel industry. He is also an adjunct professor at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, where he teaches an R&B and gospel commercial music ensemble.

Brian’s Future Plans and His Creative Agency

Brian has been working on multiple projects as an artist and music producer, collaborating with talented artists and writers. He is also working on his own album, which he hopes to release by the end of the year. Brian started his own creative agency called “By My Culture,” which manages all of his endeavors and provides support for independent artists, writers, and creatives who need resources and guidance.

The Importance of Showing Up and Making Connections

DJ Focus shares his experiences of making connections in the industry by showing up and showing out. He talks about how he used to work in a restaurant owned by Keith Sweat, where he had the opportunity to mingle with artists and industry professionals. Focus reveals that he made many connections by simply showing up with confidence, even if he was broke or waiting tables.

Overcoming Fears and Insecurities

DJ Focus urges listeners to overcome their fears and insecurities and take action towards their goals. He quotes scriptures that encourage believers to have self-control, trust in the Lord, and be confident in His plans for their lives. He also suggests practical tips, such as remembering people’s names by associating them with something on their face.

The Power of Gospel Music in the Fashion Industry

We discussed the Louis Vuitton 2023 fashion show and the performance of a gospel song called “Joy” by Pharrell Williams’ choir, Voices of Fire. The inclusion of a gospel song in a high-profile fashion show was amazing, and we praised the beauty and impact of the performance. We also acknowledged the significance of having gospel music showcased in such a prestigious event and the exposure it brings to the choir.

Are you an artist? Or do you know someone who is? Visit the Holy Culture Artist Resources page for information on submitting music to radio and tips on navigating the music industry. Thank you for tuning in and God bless.

Gospel Music maestro Brian Nathan
Brian Nathan


Brian’s faith journey [00:06:02] Brian discusses his upbringing in a family that prioritized faith and how it shaped his own relationship with God.

Brian’s twin sister [00:07:56] Brian talks about his twin sister and the unique bond they share, including their experiences growing up and the challenges of being separated when he moved away.

Brian’s marriage [00:09:56] Brian mentions his wife and their young marriage, expressing gratitude and admiration for her.

The journey of being a man of God [00:10:23] Brian discusses how being a husband and the head of a household has changed his perspective and taught him humility and the need for God’s guidance.

Discovering his musical talent in high school [00:12:00] Brian talks about how his choir teacher in high school played a significant role in helping him discover his singing and piano skills, leading him to pursue music as a career.

The viral success of “Perfect Sacrifice” [00:17:52] Brian shares the story of how a spontaneous arrangement he did with his female vocal ensemble went viral on social media, leading to the release of the song “Perfect Sacrifice” on streaming platforms.

Brian Nathan’s upcoming projects [00:23:10] Brian talks about the projects he is currently working on, including collaborations with other artists and his own album.

Brian Nathan’s creative agency [00:24:23] Brian discusses his creative agency called “By My Culture” and how it supports independent artists and creatives.

Brian Nathan’s passion for purpose [00:26:55] Brian shares his passion for music and fulfilling his purpose, which includes ministering to others through his creative process.

The struggle with taking someone else’s blessing [00:32:22] Discussion on why people feel the need to take someone else’s blessings and why it’s important to focus on one’s own journey.

The importance of showing up as your true self [00:33:26] Exploring the idea that blessings come when we fully show up as our authentic selves and the role of faith and works in receiving blessings.

The impact of prayer on walking in purpose [00:38:23] Highlighting the significance of a strong prayer life in being able to hear from God clearly and fulfill one’s purpose.

The power of showing up [00:42:59] DJ Focus shares a personal story about how showing up and being present in the industry helped him make connections and progress in his career.

Trusting in the Lord [00:44:49] Discussion on the importance of trusting in God and having confidence in Him, even when starting something new or connecting with new people.

Overcoming fear and taking action [00:47:29] How to overcome fear, be more vocal, and take action in order to receive blessings and opportunities from God.

The power of walking in God’s power [00:50:17] Discussion on the importance of walking in God’s power and not being limited by fear.

Trusting God in every area [00:51:53] Exploration of the need to trust God in every aspect of life, including finances, relationships, and decision-making.

Disrespectful incident at a restaurant [00:56:31] Report on a restaurant incident where a customer’s name was misspelled in a derogatory manner, highlighting the importance of respecting people’s names.

The Louis Vuitton Fashion Show [00:59:31] Discussion about the Louis Vuitton 2023 fashion show and the performance of the Voices of Fire choir.

Pharrell Williams and Gospel Music [01:00:38] Appreciation for Pharrell Williams incorporating gospel music into the fashion show and the impact it had on the audience.

Brian Nathan and Choirs [01:02:11] Acknowledgment of Brian Nathan’s work with choirs and the importance of choir music in worship.