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We have some great things developing down the line for our gospel hip hop fans for the year of 2019, so stay tuned. Until then, please continue to support and inform all your fans on your social websites to tune in to our two-hour gospel hip hop video block each Friday night at 12am EST/ 9pm PST called “Hype & Glory” where we show the latest and hottest new videos around. In addition Gospel Music Channel has gone HD! If you would like to submit your music videos in HD format we are excepting those as well now.

Gospel Music Channel (GMC) announced the launching.. “GMC HD” on Friday, Nov. 27, the day after Thanksgiving.

In announcing the new GMC HD channel, Charles Humbard, founder and president of GMC, said, “Like sports, no other genre of programming benefits as much from the High Definition experience as music. We have been aggressively producing original content and acquiring programming in high-def for quite some time in preparation for GMC HD. Affiliates and viewers have been asking for GMC in High Definition and the right time has come to provide it.

GMC celebrated its fifth birthday on air on Oct. 30th, 2009. The recent BETA Research survey of digital cable subscribers that showed GMC to be tied with NFL Network for #1 in overall perceived value was a resounding third-party endorsement of the high value that we deliver to our affiliates and viewers alike.

“Our rapid rate of growth in five short years, particularly the last few, and our growth in consumer value demonstrates that cable operators and their customers desire our family-friendly programming, and now they will be able to enjoy it in High Definition as well,” added Humbard.

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