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Atlanta, GA — He is without a doubt the trailblazer in Gospel Reggae, and is known as Jamaica’s fastest lyrical speaking DJ. His astounding international success and signature sound has established him as a visionary in Reggae music while being anchored adamantly in Kingdom building. Papa San is back with a heavy hitting new CD, MY STORY, which releases Spring 2012 on his own indie label Beloved Records.

Papa San is revealing his new release at The MY STORYAlbum Release Celebration that will take place on Saturday, October 22 at The Victory In Praise Hall, 745 Ralph Ave, (between Sutter Ave & E 98th Street) in Brooklyn, NY. The concert starts at 6PM and will feature guest appearances by Travis Greene, Shelly Thunder, Dunimas, Glacia Robinson, and Bishop Angelo Barbosa.

Papa San has emerged to the forefront in music and in ministry as a leader and an innovator. This evolution is reflected in his continual presentation of poignant lyrics and in his dedication to the Gospel. There will soon be a name change from Papa San to Papa Son. “San” stands for leader, authority figure, or The Father and of course “son” representing the child of God. “This means more to me than just a name,” explains Papa San. “It’s taken me a while to get here, to evolve into the Christian I am now. I know who I am and who I represent. I represent the Father, I am His son.”

Papa San reveals this evolution throughout My STORY which candidly journals his life experiences, life troubles and life victories. The project features Contemporary Christian music’s multi-award winning singer/songwriter Nicole C. Mullen on “Source Of Strength” and Grammy Nominated vocalist Trey Lorenz on the endearing ballad “Rescue Me”. Title track “My Story”, available now on iTunes, truly chronicles Papa San’s life from youth and growing up, how he handled crucial situations in his life, to the triumphant man today who is saved by the Blood and rooted in Christ. In the stand out track “Devotion” (click to listen), Papa San emphasizes that through personal fellowship with the Lord and our devotion to Him yields peace that we search for everyday.

Papa San is a Dove Award Nominated, Stellar Award, Marlin Award and World Music Award winning Caribbean artist who has garnered fans throughout the world. His impressive catalog includes: Victory (1999 – Gospel Centric), Real & Personal (2005 – Gospel Centric), God & I (2003 – Gospel Centric), and his last offering Higher Heights (2009 – Habakkuk/Beloved Records) which topped Billboard’s Top Reggae Albums at #4 and Top Gospel Albums at #19.

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