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Ham 120 – Why millionaire athletes go broke. Guest: Rawservant

Imagine this…your rich. Your famous. Your play professional sports and your really good. Your on top of the world; that is until you go broke.
What in the ham sandwich?! Sean, Cook, and True investigate the
spending habits of these athletes and encourage you to be wise with your
paper…Tune in.

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  • Ham News and Talk

Frontlynaz – Pump Up The Bass
Rawservant – On Fire

  • Millionaire athletes that have gone broke

Rawservant – Be with you
Midnyte Sun – Make you proud

  • Millionaire money issues?

Queheem the redeemed ft dmaub and kdrama – body language
Kdrama – happy happy joy joy

  • Thon em hour – Easy to make money, harder to keep it.

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