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Social networks have connected many people to one another but the problem is, there is no face to face interaction anymore. This has dulled our social interaction skills and caused some to create alternate identities, especially on the web. Sean and Cook introduce you to the new generation of wii thugs and myspace gangstas. Listen in.

Ham 91_Wii thugs, twitter boppers, and myspace gangsters

–Ham News and Talk

Mix Set 1
1.J.R.–We Need You Blend
2.Shabach–Shout Him Out
3.K-Drama–Keep E’m On The High

–What is a Wii thug?

Mix Set 2
1.D-Maub–Freeze ( Hammie Blend )
2.116 Clique–Breathe In Breathe Out ( 2009 Blend )
3.Guage ( Feat.Canton Jones )–Best Friend

–Young, dumb, and full of bad grammer

Mix Set 3
1.J Moss–Operator ( Hammie Blend )
2.Dj I Rock Jesus ( Old School Dj Break )
3.Magelin–Lights Off

–Thon em hour (Silence is golden and so are relationships)
–Last Words

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