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Should Christians create alternate holidays? Should we consider these days Holy? How do we speak to our kids about Christian holidays and secular holidays? Listen in…


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Mix Set 1

1) Andy Mineo – Pressure

2) Trip Lee – Yours To Own (Instrumental)

3) Witt & Dre Murray – Hells Paradise

4) Stand Firm – Marv4MoBeats

5) Thank The Lord – K Nine

PART 1 – Where did major Christian holidays originate from?

Mix Set 2

1) Gimme Dat Fire – Ambassador

2) Please – Bobby Bishop

3) Stand Up – Cy

4) Stand Up – Bizzle

PART 2– Why would Christians create alternate holidays?

Mix Set 3

1) AC Cool – Yaves

2) It’s Not About Me – This’l

3) Hands In The Air – Sean Slaughter

4) Witt And Dre Murray – I Miss You *Scratches by DJ Cool Waters*

PART 3 – Should Christian create alternate holidays?

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