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ham183 What is occupy Wall Street about? And why is greed so powerful? Listen in…


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Ham News

Mix Set 1

1) Wit & Dre Murray – Brand New Nostalgia (instrumental) Scratches provide By DJ Cool Waters

2) Wit & Dre Murray – Brand New Nostalgia

3) Every Word – Andy Mineo

PART 1 – People are great liars

Mix Set 2

1) Existence – Pee Dee & Sauce Remix

2) The Way You Do It – Pastor AD3

3) Win Or Lose – K Drama

4) All I Need – Flame

PART 2 – Why do people lie pt1

Mix Set 3

1) Tedashii – Make War

2) Covenant Eyes (Instrumental) – Trip Lee

3) Richie Righteous – What The World Need Now

4) Fedel – Hale

PART 3 – The Bible on Lying

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