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ham172What is game? What is the difference between guy game and girl game? Can Christians use it when dating? Listen in….


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Ham 172 – What is game and can Christians use it to get dates?

PART 1 – Game from a female point of view?

Mix Set 1

The BreaX- Clap Your Hands

Jin – Angels

Witt & Dre Murray – Mockery

Thi’sl – My Radio On Drugs

PART 2 – Game from a male point of view

Mix Set 2

Everyday Process – Grace

Trip Lee – My Lord (Instrumental)

C Straight – So Not Cool

Sho Baraka – Shut Us Down

Sean Slaughter – Get At You

Sean Slaughter – Survivor

PART 3 – Thon Em Hour – Can Christians use game as a way to get a date?

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