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Photo illustration by Mindy Ricketts A ham caller listens to our show and it changes his life. What exactly did we say to bring this change? And what did he openly confess to us via a voicemail message? Listen in…


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Mix Set 1
1) Sean Slaughter – Man On Fire
2) Lecrae – Check in (Instrumental)
3) Bizzle – Tryna Go
4) 116 – Responsibility

PART 1 – What do prosperity preachers do with anti-prosperity scriptures?

Mix Set 2
1) Witt & Dre Murray – Enter The Matrix
2) Witt & Dre Murray – You are all
3) Pro – Hot in here INSTRUMENTAL (Scratches by DJ Cool Water)

PART 2 – I got saved but my girlfriend is not…now what?

Mix Set 3
1) Pro – Before I Die
2) Everyday Process – Fire
3) Everyday Process – Grace
4) Jin – Welcome To The Limelight

PART 3 – Ham caller openly confesses his sins

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