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The What in the Ham Sandwich?! Show

Something is going down at cook dogg’s job. A very Christian man
has been seen frequently with a fellow female co-worker. The problem
is that he’s married and their relationship seems beyond platonic.
Christian, married and cheating….what now? Sean, Cook, and True
chop it up.

Ham123 – Christian, married, and cheating…what now?

Ham news and talk

->Allen Swoope – Keep My Promise
->3HP records ft. DJ C Animal, Platinum Souls, J.Kwest, Mark J, St. Clair, Dangel, Khul Rhema, Cash Hollistah, Double, E Hud, Erica Gumbo – People Try

The cheating story?

->116 clique – Send Me/Represent
->D Maub ft. Canton Jones – I’m Fly

Why do married people cheat

->Sean Slaughter – Who We Are (Ham exclusive)

Thon Em Hour: What to do if you are the one cheating

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