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Ham136-Are most men dogs?

The What in the Ham Sandwich?! Show
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Ham136-Are all men dogs?


Preach Preacher

Ham Callers

Music Set 1
1.Pro ( Feat.Rick Trotter )-We Gonna Make A Change (Redemption Album)
2. Frontlynaz-Heart And Soul ( I Qwit Remix ) (Thunderground 3 Mixtape)

Part 1
True-Asia makes Sean feel a certain way

Music Set 2
1. Viktory ( Feat.Marvin Winans Jr.)-Good Thang (Son Of A King)
2. Trip Lee ( Feat.Jai )-Hero (Between Two Worlds Album)

Part 2
What makes a man a dog?

Music Set 3
1. Sean Slaughter-Who We Are (Prototype Album)
2. Trip Lee ( Feat.Pro )-Covenant Eyes

Thon Em Hour! -A real man

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