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HanSoul shares his testimony on CBN’s 700 Club


HanSoul set release new CD “Jesus Is God” feat. Da T.r.u.t.h., Energy, Amber Anderson, Saint Man, and more.

HanSoul is releasing a new 10 song EP “Jesus Is God” advance collectors item release copy’s are available for purchase via The official national and international release date this Spring in stores and via internet TBA via Infinity Music Distribution/Central South Distribution This 10 song CD is a prelude to the extended release “@ the end of the day” which will be released in the late fall early winter 2011. The CD is kind of like a musical blog addressing issues in Post Modernity, answering the question “does the classical theological view of Jesus as fully God and fully Man still make sense in a Post Modern Society” ? This question was the topic of one of HanSoul’s papers while doing his Master’s in Divinity in seminary and was a great inspiration for this CD as well as dealing with the issue of the need for the church to not necessary speak “christianese language” and have an avoidance mentality when reaching out to the lost but rather to effectively engage the culture by any means and embrace The Cross of Jesus Christ at the same time. More details to come.

HanSoul was formerly a top ten billboard secular rap artist with releases on Epic Sony and Loud Records/BMG respectively. Hans appeared to be riding the wave of a successful hip hop career with two major record deals also with appearances and performances on BET’s Teen Summit & Rap City, Arsenio Halls Party Machine, Pump it Up etc. and tour dates with secular hip hop artists like EDOG & Da Bull Doggs, Big Daddy Kane, Chubb Rock, Kwame, Father MC, House of Pain, Funk Doobiest, 3rd Base, Shabba Ranks etc. when a few weeks prior to releasing his third project at the height of what appeared to be a very successful secular career. Hans was called out of darkness and into The Lord’s marvelous Light. The details of this story will be shared on CBN’s 700 Club world wide this Thursday March 17, 2011 Check for air times in your market on TBN, ABC Family Channel etc.Check it out!

Fishermen Media, FMG and Holywood Media are currently working on the film about Hans’ testimony. Stay tuned for more….

Jesus Saves!

Go to for more information. Visit for more information on HanSoul.

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