Healing, faith, and hope with Big Rissa and Gabriel Bello

Big Rissa shares the importance of fellowship and creating music for women and young girls that is uplifting and inspiring.  And Gabriel Bello is sharing his testimony of healing and the biblical lessons he learned about fatherhood after having his miracle child.   

Fellowship and faith with Big Rissa

Despite her grandfather pastoring 3 churches and growing up in the church, Rissa had to discover God for herself.  After a few years of not attending church, with the help of her brother the femcee found herself a church home. 

Yes.  It is important to nurture our personal relationship with God in private.  But we can’t underestimate the importance of fellowship.  “I had to get amongst believers of like mind, like faith so once I joined Embassy [church] I started to do a 360 in my life and it’s been up ever since,” explains the entrepreneur.  “I’ve been growing ever since!”

Rapping since the age of 12, Big Rissa made the leap from secular to CHH when she realized the impact of music.  “I wanted to make music that my kids and other kids can listen to.  God took me through a process of consecration and sanctification.  And in that process, I went through a lot of warfare.  I started to get a lot of inspiration from the word.  And he also gives me a way to interpret it that’s catchy with a lot of lingo that the youth and people in my age group can relate to.”

When talking about the over-sexualization of women in the music industry, “Females in general and men as well.  When I’m at work you’re going to the word.  I try to give some inspiration, some clarity that will direct them along a different path versus what society tries to paint the picture of what the woman should be when it comes to dating.”

Rissa says, even when she was a secular artist, she didn’t have the heart to talk about what she could do to a man.  “That’s never been my thing.  That’s never been my personality.  That was another reason why I felt like it was best to go ahead to submit my gift to God.  I wanted to give women something different to listen to.  I want to give the children something different to listen to.”

One thing that Rissa is adamant about is making sure the foundation is Jesus.  “Make sure your heart is pure.  Make sure you have the mindset to build the kingdom.”  Faithful over perfection.  You can follow Big Rissa on IG @bigrissgame and her new EP Elevation is now streaming on all platforms.

Gabriel Bello healing and hope

Growing up in the church, Bello sang in the choir and played in the church band.  While attending college, he was diagnosed with cancer and had to drop out of school just shy of graduating.  One of the tumors was chemo resistant. 

Around that time Bello received a call from a friend who invited him to play the saxophone at a concert with gospel artist Ron Kenoli.  “My friend that called me for that said I didn’t call you because of your abilities as a saxophone player.  I called you because when you play tomorrow, God’s going to heal you.”  And that’s exactly what happened.

But the miracles didn’t stop there.  Bello was told he’d be sterile after the chemo and doctors advised him to make a deposit in the sperm bank in the event, he wanted children because he was so young.  To which Bello declined and declared, “Out of embarrassment I actually pronounce a blessing over myself.  I told the doctor I am not going to do that.  If the Lord wants me to have kids, I’ll have kids.”  Bello is now a proud #girldad!

Bello says he’s been blessed by fatherhood.  “It’s been a big window, revelation into his [Gods’] character.  Because when you read the scriptures, even going into when he judges and disciplines his people, those who are not his people, and even his grace and mercy that he shows the people of Nineveh.  That’s how loving and merciful he [God] is.”

His advice to others who are interested in music ministry is, “It has to be for him [God].  Is the goal to please the heart of the Father?  What’s the purpose of the song?   Is it to encourage the fellow believer?  Is it to preach a message of salvation?  Of healing?  Of faith?  Of hope?  Let that be the gratification.  If you start pumping that drug of clicks, likes, streams, and spins.  You’ll never get off it.  It destroys everybody.  It’s never enough,” Bello urges.

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Healing, faith, and hope with Big Rissa and Gabriel Bello
Gabriel Bello
Healing, faith, and hope with Big Rissa and Gabriel Bello
Big Rissa