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“JahRock’n Entertainment Presents “BREAKING ALL THE RULES” Live Performance Video by HeeSun Lee.

Brooklyn, NY (October 16th 2012) – JahRock’n Entertainment is proud to announce the release of the first sound off of HeeSun Lee’s upcoming album #PicturePerfect.

The song “Breaking all the Rules” shatters the status quo. HeeSun Lee along with Kei-Kei challenge the usual standard of what a female rapper is supposed to look like, sound like, act like, and represent. HeeSun Lee believes that society needs more images of women in this light to begin changing the minds of what viewers and listeners expect.

It is time for the rules that have reserved women on the sidelines of Hip Hop to be broken, to allow not only men and certain type of women in the game but a new breed of women to change the mold.  HeeSun Lee isn’t’ the first and she wont be the last of a line of strong-willed, aggressive yet poised and humble women that desire to challenge the status quo.

Check out the video, and feel free to share and comment! Lets keep this going!


Partial Credits include: Directed and Shot by: Aggressive Progression, Marketing/Imaging by: Travail
Donna D. of D2LAL MMC.

About JahRock’n Entertainment

JahRock’n Entertainment is a media company that was established by Chris Belmont in 2005 and is quickly
making a name for themselves in the Christian hip-hop/r&b and soul genres. Since then JahRock’n Entertainment
has grown into a versatile media company providing studio recording, mixing, and mastering services; music
production services; and artist development services.

About HeeSun Lee

Born in Korea and raised in Staten Island, NY, HeeSun uses her gifts as a poet/lyricist/performer to share her
experiences. With her debut album, RE:Defined, HeeSun displays a vulnerability rarely seen in hip hop. She has
gone on to record and perform with the best in the christian hip-hop genre. HeeSun Lee is set to release her
sophomore album in early 2013. This talented artist, HeeSun Lee has announced her presence as a unique voice
ready to redefine the game.

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