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heesunlee-redefined-albumreviewHeeSun Lee “Re:Defined”
Released: 2008
Review by: Don Tony
Committee Rating: 4.02 (of 5)
[xrr rating=4.02/5]

HeeSun what?? Ever been caught by a left-hook you just didn’t see coming? I hope not…it hurts, yo. However, in this case, Heesun Lee drops Re:Defined–equally surprising and ambitious, but infinitely more entertaining than being punched in the face. All jokes aside, I must be honest, I did not see this project coming. Heesun is an automatic contrast with the rest of the Christian Hip Hop community (how many incredibly talented, Asian, female rappers do you run into on a regular basis?).

Not stopping at the obvious, Heesun draws contrast in her style, lyrics, and ability to represent hip hop while sitting comfortably in some more commercially-driven tracks.

Though admittedly uncouth, the fight reference at the beginning of this review is actually appropriate. Heesun doesn’t pull any punches on Re:Defined. She brings up some of the more expected things, like our relationship with Christ and struggling through a life of sin, but then we hear her tackle some tougher, less talked-about topics like racism, hypocrisy amongst believers, even foster children.

Re:Defined does ultimately come through on production quality once you get past the first few tracks; the quality seems to get sharper at about track 4, but do NOT skip track 3! Heesun’s unique lyrical skill and content choices are really what drew me in to this project. Though this album does have a few radio-friendly tracks, it won’t be a “club-banger” status that gets you hooked, but more like a refreshingly legitimate hip hop sound from an unexpected source.

My Fav’s
Trk 2–Just Hush
Trk 3–Going Top NOW
Trk 4–Part Of Me
Trk 7–New Day

My Not-Fav’s
Trk 1–Intro
Trk 13–Re-Defined

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Review Committee
Review by: Don Tony

Rated by:
Anonymous Admin – Avg Rating: 4.11
a. praiser – Avg Rating: 4
Don Tony – Avg Rating: 3.95

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