Help Chris Chicago – Cancer Throwdown Fund

Published on January 23, 2023

Chris Chicago has been a beacon of light and help to many in the Christian Hip Hop space. His sisters have recently launched a Go Fund Me to help him with finances for cancer. The story is below.

Cancer Throwdown Fund note from Chris’ Sisters

Whether you’ve had the blessing of knowing him face to face or you’ve just been blessed by his voice on the airwaves, you know that Chris Chicago is one of the greatest dudes around. He’s a faithful friend, a wonderful husband (he and Jess will celebrate 19 years in December!) a devoted father to his 4 kids (Aiden-14, Callie-10, Finn-7, and Lochlan-3) and most of all, an unwavering believer in Yahweh God.

About a month ago, Chris was given a life-changing diagnosis- stage 4 melanoma. The cancer has settled in his lungs- the very lungs that he has used to proclaim the name of God over the airwaves for the last 25 years. As he has with everything else in his life, Chris is tackling head-on with great faith and shining optimism.

In addition to seeking care from one of the country’s most elite cancer treatment center, Chris (along with his wife, Jessica) have prayerfully decided to supplement his regimen with a holistic plan of diet and vitamins. Chris believes (and we believe) that, with God’s help, he can beat this thing.

Unfortunately, the combination of these treatments will add up to be thousands and thousands of dollars, and neither the doctor’s plan or the holistic plan are going to be entirely covered by their insurance.

This is where you come in!

We, Chris’s sisters, have set up this GoFundMe so that you can be a part of Chris’s journey toward beating and healing from this cancer. Friends, would you please consider being a financial part of Chris’s story? Every penny that is donated will go toward Chris’s treatments, both medicinal and holistic.

If you are not able to contribute financially, we ask that you please contribute by way of fervent prayers on his behalf. We know that the LORD hears and delights in the prayers of the saints, and we are trusting HIM to heal our brother!

Please consider donating!